Tap Tap Shots

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Play basketball online

Get ready to test your basketball skill in Tap Tap Shots. You have to throw a ball into baskets which will appear continuously. How many scores can you get?

You don't need a basketball or basket but you still play this amazing sport. The Tap Tap Shots game offers endless challenges to you. Your mission is to shoot the ball into the ring. As soon as the ball is through the ring, a new basket continues to challenge you. Try your best to get the highest scores!

The mechanism of Tap Tap Shots

You can understand how to play this basketball game after you follow this guide. Although the gameplay is easy, getting the Tap Tap Shots high score isn't simple.

Throw the ball accurately

The baskets are designed in different locations on the screen. They will change their position after you shoot the ball successfully. Let's click the left mouse button to bounce the ball. Nonetheless, you must control your force. If you click and hold the mouse for a long time, the ball can bounce out of the playground. So, you need to base on the basket position to throw the ball properly.

Take care of time

The difficult feature is the limited time. You have to throw a ball for seconds. From that, there is no time to think carefully or observe clearly. At that time, a quick reflex is necessary. Don't think too much! Just aim for the baskets and shoot the ball! After each shot, you can get some certain scores. You can see a leaderboard which is Tap Tap Shots world record of high scores.

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