Moto X3M Winter

134 votes 3.8/5

Moto X3M Winter is set in a cold and fast-paced winter. This is a version of the racing series of the same name. You will enjoy the fast pace in this game.

About this game

Many players love this game after a few times of playing. Do you wonder why it is so popular? Let's find out together.

Winter-themed tracks

This game offers a variety of winter-themed tracks with snow-covered landscapes, icy slopes, and festive decorations. The winter setting adds a unique visual flair and presents additional challenges for players.

Challenging levels

The game features a series of increasingly challenging levels that test your motorbike racing skills. Each level is designed with various obstacles, ramps, and hazards that require precise control and timing to overcome.

Unlockable bikes

As you progress through the game and complete levels, you can unlock and use different bikes with unique characteristics. Each bike may have its own strengths and weaknesses, providing a different racing experience.

Exciting stunts and tricks

Moto X3M Winter allows you to perform thrilling stunts and tricks while racing. You can execute flips, wheelies, and other aerial maneuvers to earn extra points and add a stylish flair to your gameplay.

Game rules in Moto X3M Winter

The gameplay of this game is straightforward and focused on completing levels while avoiding crashes and achieving the best possible time.

Avoid crashes

Be cautious and avoid crashing into obstacles such as spikes, explosives, or other hazards on the track. Crashing will result in restarting the level. It's better to move continuously. You just stop when you see some warning signs.

Get stars

In this game, you can get some stars after finishing a level. The maximum of the stars is 3. If you complete the race in a short time, you can get three stars. Of course, the time lasts long, you even can't get any stars. You can use these stars to unlock some new bikes.

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