Geometry Dash Lite

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Play Geometry Dash Lite

Control geometry through many strange ways in Geometry Dash Lite. Keep the geometry safe until it reaches the endpoint. By any way, avoid hitting obstacles.

If you are a fan of Geometry Dash games, you can't ignore this hard version. This installment will expand the original version because it has a lot of stages. With 15 stages, this game puts your reflex to the test. You can gradually improve your skill from the first to the final stage. Each stage has a different environment and obstacles that won't let you down.

Geometry Dash Lite gameplay

The gameplay of this game isn't complex. You just need to jump the geometry. However, you must know the timing to jump. This isn't a thing that everyone can do.

Overcome thousands of deadly obstacles of Geometry Dash Lite

On the way, you encounter a lot of traps such as blades, and spikes which can destroy your geometry with one touch. Therefore, you must dodge them. Of course, there are no ways to break them or make them disappear. They appear close together and in unpredictable positions. You must have a quick look and jump over them at the right time. Sometimes, you don't have time to think. You will get used to the gameplay after reading this guide.

Use the support items

To solve the obstacle chains, some springs are put on the path. They can help you jump higher. From that, it's easy to overcome the barriers. However, sometimes, these springs can lead to your death. For example, you jump on a spring that bounces you to touch the spikes. Then, the Geometry Dash Lite game will end. So, these tools can help you or kill you. Be careful!

Reach the end of the road

Each stage has an endpoint. You just achieve this point, then you can complete that stage. It's better to observe the process bar on the top of the screen. From that, you can know how many percentages you complete in a stage. Do anything to reach the end of the road!

Tips for beginners to play Geometry Dash Lite

Improve the skills with practice mode first

Because of the game's difficulty, developers create Geometry Dash Lite with a practice mode for each stage. This mode will offer the same background and obstacles as in the official mode. Nonetheless, it has many checkpoints. You can continue your process when your geometry breaks. That's an ideal feature for a newbie. You feel that this game is too challenging for you, even in practice mode. Don't be sad, we have Tiny Fishing to make you laugh!

Don't be interrupted

It's unfortunate that you're close to your destination but you've been interrupted by a promotional call. Therefore, it's better to turn on do not disturb mode when playing this hard game, even simple games like Gold Miner.