Smash Karts

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Welcome to Smash Karts

You should enjoy Smash Karts if you love fighting and driving games. You will drive your karts and attack others with your weapons. Don't be shot!

What you can find in the interface of Smash Karts

The game offers many different features to players. From that, you can have more interesting experiences. Now, let's learn more about them.

Sign in or not

In this online game, you can sign in to your account and get some benefits. You can use cash to buy more character tokens and coins in the shop. The character tokens can help you unlock some new characters. Moreover, you also can save your game data when you even play on another device. Of course, you can have these advantages if you play as a guest.

Create a room or join the available room

Smash Karts can help you and your friends together by playing the game as in Basketball Stars. You can make your private room where you and your friends can fight together. Of course, you must customize some features of the room such as mode, round format, round timer, teams, bots, weapons, and so on. Don't forget to copy the room link and share it with your friends.

Customize your character

You even can change your character, hats, and karts. You need to unlock them before you want to use them. Let's make your character become unique with a wonderful appearance.

How to beat other opponents in Smash Karts

This is a multiplayer game, so you have to battle with many players round the world. They can be pro or amateurs, and you need to defeat them.

Drive your karts

You will be sent in a 3D environment where you can see the tough terrains. You need to drive your care cleverly to avoid hitting the walls and corner. Moreover, driving the karts quickly and unpredictly can help you dodge the enemies' bullets. You can press the arrow keys to drive your kart.

Collect boxes and shoot enemies

At the beginning, you won't have any weapon but a kart. To shoot others, you need to soem powrful weapons. These weapons wiuill be readonly hidden in the mysterious boxes. Just move through the boxes to collect the guns or cannons! The bullets are limited, so you need to get new weapons constinously. Click the spacebar to fire!