Infinite Craft

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About Infinite Craft

Infinite Craft is a game that combines different items to create new items. You need to have logical thinking to create new items from existing items.

This is a game that favors intelligence and light entertainment. The game provides many different items and forces you to merge them. Many new items will appear after you merge existing items. You may be surprised that there are thousands of different items. When you already have many items, it will be difficult to discover new items. Use your skills to combine and create lots of interesting things. If you like some battle games, you must try Battleship Online.

The rules to merge two items in Infinite Craft

This game does not offer time limits or complicated rules. What you need to do is place one item on top of another. You can combine items randomly or one item at a time.

Merge any items

The game is divided into 2 different areas. One area includes the items you have while the other area will be where you merge items together. You are allowed to combine 2 different or the same items to create a new item. When you have a lot of items, you will probably create items that you already have.

Apply logical thinking

There will be items that combine to create repeating items. You need to limit this by applying your intelligence. For example, when you combine the water element with fire, steam is created. Water extinguishes fire and creates more steam. Another example is that the element of wind combined with fire will create a lot of smoke. To be able to think of these combinations, you must be a very smart person.