Drift Hunters

31 votes 4.2/5

Drive in the world of speed in this game

Drift Hunters is a game loved by fans who love speed games. This game provides an open space for you to show off your driving skills and create drifts.

If you are a fan of speed games, I'm sure you will know this drift game. It is designed with realistic graphics and smooth movements that many players love. In this game, you will own expensive sports or classic cars and drive them on a given platform. With many choices of stages and vehicles, this game will bring you the best experiences. If you like multiplayer games, you can't skip Paper.io 2.

Complete the drift objective in Drift Hunters

This is not a racing game so there will be no competitors. However, this does not reduce the difficulty of the game. Your mission is to drift as much as possible.

Drive through points along the way

You will see there are bright spots along the way and you need to drift over them to score points. You need to complete a race from start to finish within the specified time. You will directly control the movement of a real car so you can get used to it

Design your own car

The available car models are based on several real-life car models. However, you can also create your car by choosing the parts and colors for your car. Of course, you also need to reach a certain score to unlock parts and paint colors.