Skate Hooligans

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Description of Skate Hooligans

Skate Hooligans can bring a thrilling feeling to play. Turn into a naughty boy who is chased by a police officer. You need to help the boy run away.

The boy kicks the ball into a glass window. The result is to breaks the glass and a police officer sees him. Anyway, let's run from the police officer. The background of this game is a train station that contains a lot of traps. On the way, you have to face many barriers and incoming trains. You can use the up arrow to jump over them. Sometimes, you need to avoid obstacles by pressing the left or right arrows. The character will run automatically, so your mission is to navigate him. Hitting any objects can make the boy stop. Then, the policeman will come and arrest him. Running games are your favorite, so you shouldn't ignore Death Run 3D.

The gameplay of Skate Hooligans subway

This is a running game, so your mission is to run and avoid any obstacles along the road. Besides running, you may see some interesting items on the road. Let's collect them! Now, we will learn more about how to play this game.

Run as fast as possible

In this fun game, the policeman is chasing right behind the boy. Therefore, he must keep running and can't stop. However, the trains and barriers can prevent him from running. Thus, you have to control hom to dodge all of them. Otherwise, the game will be over. You should note that all actions need to be acted on time. When you come close to the obstacles, you need to press the arrow immediately.

Collect coins and items

Along the road, many coins appear along the road. You need to collect as many coins as possible. Then, you can use them to buy new characters, support items, actions, and so on in the shop. One more thing, you also can get some useful items on the road. Just go through them to collect them. They can be magnets, boots, etc which can be useful for your escape.