Connect Dots

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Challenge your logical thinking with Connect Dots. You have to link the dots together with one draw. Can you complete this hard mission? Have fun!

Connect the dots meaning

This game is a puzzle and entertaining game but has some educational meaning. Children can relax and practice their logical thinking when playing this game. They can be aware of many geometries and know how to draw them with one line.

The rules in the Connect Dots game

The simple gameplay of the Connect Dots game is for all players. Although it's simple, mastering it is a challenge.

Complete the geometry with one line

One shape will be offered on the screen. You can see the dots and the shadow lines which connect the dots together. Now, you will use your mouse to link the dots. You must ensure not to repeat the lines. If you think the level gets stuck, you can press on the replay of that level. Look at the shape and give a suitable strategy!

Get the high score to be on a leaderboard

You can see a leaderboard that shows the top players worldwide. Putting your name on this leaderboard is possible when you get high scores.