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Join the infinite fight

Aquar.io creates a battle in the deep sea where many players join this fight. Who will be the queen of this ocean? Can you defeat all enemies?

This game is set in the deep ocean where you can't see the sunlight. You will control an angler fish and grow up your army. The food along the way can promote your power, so try to eat as much food as possible. Keep consuming the food although you are the most powerful queen under the water. Besides eating the food, you also can challenge the other players by attacking them. Now, it's time to dominate and develop your army.

Become most powerful in Aquar.io

You just are a small angler fish at the starting game. There are many planktons and tiny plants under the water and your mission is to collect them. They will help you enhance your power and expand your school.

Eat everything in the ocean

Tiny creatures floating in the water or small flowers can be your delicious meal. Don't be picky about the food because the other fish are growing up while you are choosing the kinds of food. This food will appear continuously, so lacking the food can't happen.

Expand and merge your school of fish

When you consume a huge amount of food, you can produce many other small fish. They are your effective assistants in the fight. However, their sizes are too small to beat any enemies. So, you can merge the little fish to have a big fish. Click the left mouse button to merge.

Launch the war

In Aquar.io, you have many chances to meet other marine dwellers. If you have a strong army, it's a great time to attack these dwellers. After you attack the opponents, your points will increase. Of course, these defeated opponents must join your school. These points also are your power's stats. Be careful with the stronger opponents! If the enemies are too huge, swimming away is a great idea to stay safe.

Note some things when playing Aquar.io

Immerse yourself in a dark sea that contains thousands of dangers. To survive in this hazardous environment, you have to have good skills and equip some notes.

Follow the stats on the screen

When enjoying the Aquar.io game, you can see many different numbers and stats on the corner of the screen. On the right top, you can see a leaderboard that shows the ranks of the players in that match. Moreover, don't forget to look at the mini-map at the right bottom. You can define the opponent's position and power. You and your army are green points while the enemies are red points. The bigger they are, the more power they have.

Remember how to control

  • Swipe the mouse to change the fish's direction
  • Click the left mouse to attack
  • Click and hold the right mouse to merge fish
  • Zoom in and out by using the mouse wheel

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