Skibidi Toilets

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Introduce this game

Skibidi Toilets are becoming more and more famous for their strange and unique patterns. The battle between the cameraman and Skibidi never stops in this game.

Unique character

Recently, a particular character has become a hot trend on social platforms. This character has an extremely strange shape and is somewhat scary. He only has a head and a long neck attached to a toilet. This shape is also the reason they get the name Skibidi Toilets. They will be the villains in this game and the ones who will destroy them are the cameramen. You will help them accomplish their goals.

Huge arsenal in the game

You have the opportunity to control the cameraman and use weapons to attack the enemies. This game gives you a variety of weapons to choose from. However, you need to have enough money to buy them. The more expensive the weapons, the more powerful they are. So, kill a lot of enemies to earn a lot of money.

Defeat enemies in Skibidi Toilets

This shooting game is extremely stressful because you have to face a lot of enemies. They will chase you as soon as they spot you. Your HP is limited so be careful with your attacks. If you like shooting game as this game, you may like Sniper Attack.

Shoot the target properly

The number of enemies is too large so you need to aim correctly. You need to make sure that each of your bullets hits your opponents. More than that, you need to deal as much damage as possible. The villains will not be easily defeated by a single shot.

Keep your distance from the enemies

Skibidi always wants to come close to attacking you. Don't let them reach their goal. Otherwise, you will be the loser of this game. Keeping a certain distance is also a way to ensure the safety of the character.