Ships 3D

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Drive warships in this game

Ships 3D is set in sea battles. You become a pirate and fight with other warships at sea. You must destroy as many foes as possible to become the final winner.

You have probably participated in many land battles like Funny Shooter but the environment will change when you join this game. You will set sail and take the boat out to sea. Here, other players will also have their boats and intense sea battles will take place. Simple boats but equipped with powerful cannons will be your weapons. Aim your cannon at enemies and attack other ships.

The mission of a pirate in the game Ships 3D

Depending on the mode you choose, you will have a unique goal. However, no matter which game mode you choose, you still need to do the following two things.

Drive a boat

First, you will be taken to an island where there are empty boats. Now you will sail to suitable locations such as islands or out to sea to fight enemies. A boat will be more difficult to drive than a car because it turns quite slowly. Driving the boat backwards is impossible in this game. Therefore, you need to practice your boating skills skillfully to be able to conquer this game.

Control the cannon

Each ship was equipped with two cannons on either side. When you encounter enemy boats, use these cannons to destroy enemy boats. You need to aim really hard and shoot at the enemy. Additionally, you can also attack enemies directly with your sword. Depending on the situation, you need to choose a reasonable attack.

Game control

  • Use F to drive drive the boat or interact the object
  • Press P to shoot the cannon
  • Click the left mouse button to use the sword.