Drift F1

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Relax with Drift F1

Drift F1 creates many different races for players. If you make a mistake, you can fall into space. Many players give up at high levels. How about you?

In this game, you have a chance to drive a cartoon car on various tracks. With impressive music and 3D graphics, this game can bring much entertainment to players. To experience new tracks, you must reach the finish line of the previous tracks. The game won't be easy if you access the high levels.

How to reach the destination

Each track will have a finish line and you need to reach it. This finish line is the start point, so you have to complete a lap of the track. From that, you can advance to a new level.

Drift over many bends

The tracks are very narrow and you can easily get off the tracks. Thus, you should drive carefully to pass the bends cleverly. These bends are the main factors that cause accidents. Furthermore, the Drift F1 slope also can cause difficulty for you. You also can see many bends and slopes in Electron Dash. However, a character can jump over them in that game.

Collect coins

This isn't required to level up. However, it's better to get many coins. These coins are used as cash in the shop. You can buy new vehicles if you get enough coins. I have to warn don't put your car in danger to collect coins.

The devices you can access Drift F1

You can play this fun game on mobile devices or desktops because it's created with HTML5 technology. Moreover, the simple graphics won't cause lag. So, you also enjoy this game on weak devices. Don't forget to try Fish Eat Fish which is also an easy game.