Shell Shockers

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Shoot eggs in Shell Shockers

Join the egg battles in Shell Shockers now! You will turn into an egg and grab your weapons to fight other eggs. Now, show off your skills in this game.

A fierce fight happens in this game. As you know, eggs are very easy to break. However, they are very strong and brave in this shooting game. You and the other players will control an egg that is equipped with powerful weapons. The dangers are everywhere and you can be killed at any time. Be careful!

Ways to move and shoot in Shell Shockers

This game allows you to play at the first view, so everything feels very realistic. You may encounter enemies in any corner of the playground. They can even attack you from behind you. Therefore, you need to look around. When battling others, don't stand in only one place. You need to move left, right, and jump to avoid the bullets.

For shooting, just swipe the target into the foe. Then, fire continuously to defeat them. Don't waste your ammo! When you are reloading ammo, you should hide in a safe position.

Four game modes in Shell Shockers

Free For All

You will fight alone in this mode. Just move around and shoot any eggs you see. Who survives to the end of the match will get the victory.


You will join a red or blue team and against another team. Try to get more kills than the opposing team.

Captula the Spatula

You still fight in a team and your team need to take control of spatula. A team will lose if the player with a spatula dies. However, only team has spatula can get points for kills.

King of the Coop

You can experience more new maps and items in this map. Two teams will fight together to get the coop. Which team gets 250 golden eggs will win.