Monkey Mart

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Operate a mart in Monkey Mart

You will sell food for monkeys instead of humans in the Monkey Mart. The fresh fruits and vegetables will be harvested and sold right after that. Have fun!

You will play the role of a monkey who sells delicious and fresh food to others. In this game, you haven't to imports because you can grow up by yourself. Many empty plots of land are next to the shelves. You will use cash to unlock them and plant fruit trees there. Of course, you have to be responsible for many works in the mart. However, dozens of fun await you. You also can move to the human world to work as a supermarket employee in Supermarket Dash.

What you have to do in the Monkey Mart game

The mart is only operated by you, so the work will be hard at the beginning. When you are familiar with the work, it will be idler. Now, let's see what your work in this game is.

Harvest the fruits

You will grow bananas, corn and so on right in the mart, so harvesting is necessary. The freshest food will be serve to your customers. Let's ensure the shelves always are full of food. After harvesting, you need to transport them to the shelves to sell them.

Collect cash

After you sell the fruits, you need to bill the customer. The mart has only one billing counter, so you have to usually move to it. Don't let your customer wait for a long time!

Tips to expand your mart in Monkey Mart

In this game, developing the mart with more types of goods is possible. However, you also need to spend cash to do it.

Unlock new goods

You can use your cash to get a lot of new food. From that, you have more income.

Hire other monkeys

The mart will be bigger and bigger, so you can manage it by yourself. At that time, you can hire some employees who will help you harvest products.