Fruit Ninja

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Become a ninja with slash skills

Fruit Ninja is considered a classic game and was released as an application on mobile. Now, you can slash fruits without installing this game.

Fruit is a food that many people love. They also appear in many types of online games that we often play. One of the classic titles is Fruit Ninja. With simple gameplay but highly entertaining, this game has attracted millions of downloads on the app stores. In this game, you will become a real ninja and you have the ability to use knives extremely skillfully. However, you will not attack or face enemies. The things you need to cut are succulent fruits. Be quick and cut the fruits that appear on the screen.

Guide to play Fruit Ninja

To be able to conquer this game, you need to understand the rules of the game first. This game not only requires fast hands, but you also need to have sharp eyes.

Score high in this game

There will be no levels in this game because it is an endless game. You will slash the fruit until you lose. Naturally, your goal in this game is to score as many points as possible. Of course, the number of points you gain is from the fruits that you slash. The more fruit you slice, the higher your score.

Don't slash bombs

The fruits will be bounced on a giant wooden cutting board. Besides the delicious fresh fruits, bombs will also appear. If you don't work together, you can slash at these bombs. Then the bomb will explode and you will finish this fruit game.

Don't let the intact fruits fall down

The fruits will continuously appear and you also need to constantly slash. If you miss a fruit, you lose a play. You have a total of three plays. So, running out of three plays will cause you to start the game again.

Some tips and tricks when playing Fruit Ninja

  • Fruit can appear from below or from the sides, so you need to look closely at them. Sometimes the balls will be near the fruits, you need to be very careful when slashing.
  • If you play on mobile you just tap the screen. If you play on PC, you will use the mouse to play Fruit Ninja. I also want to introduce you to a game that only needs to be played with a mouse. It's a Tiny Fishing game where you can explore the ocean and fish.