Tiny Fishing

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Play Tiny Fishing online

Tiny Fishing is an exciting platform for everyone who wants to fish online. Hundreds of types of fish are under the water and you need to catch them.

The Tiny Fishing game is heaven for relaxing. You don't need a fishing rod or a pond because you can fish online in Tiny Fishing. The simple control may surprise you. You just need to swipe the hook on the screen and move left or right to catch fish. After you catch one fish, you will have some money. Therefore, catching as many fish as possible to get more coins and cash to unlock grades.

Guide to fishing and getting much money

You can see your character who is a man on a boat. He drops the hook down the deep sea. Wherever the hook reaches, you will see the fish there. As soon as the hook touches a fish, that fish will be caught. So, waiting for hours isn't necessary. You don't only capture one creature for each fishing because the capacity of the fishing rod can be increased.

Catch the valuable fish

There are a lot of marine creatures in Tiny Fishing, but not all of them are expensive. Goldfish and big fish are more worthy than others. The longer your fishing line is, the higher your rates of catching rare fish will be. Quickly look and swipe to select the most expensive fish underwater. With these high-value fish, you can maximize your earnings.

Earn cash passive in Tiny Fishing

Sometimes, you must go out or do something while you are playing this game. Just leave the game open to get money. Sounds interesting! You do nothing, but your money still increases. This feature makes this game unique and it's easy for players to continue the game.

Check the aquarium

Besides getting cash from catching fish, much money can be found in the aquarium. Different fish will be collected in it. The special thing is they can produce cash for you. You just need to click the mouse on these fish to collect cash. However, they need time to make money. The rare fish can make more cash for you.

Get some surprise gifts

Besides fish, you can collect some gifts which are under the sea. They can contain cash, coins, or even a new hook. Therefore, you need to get them as soon as they appear. Because of their worth, you can encounter them frequently.

Tiny Fishing tips and tricks

Many pro players think this fun game is very easy. However, they also give some notes when playing this game. If you are a beginner, you should follow these successful rules

Upgrade frequently

Come to this game, you can see three main features: the amount of fish, depth, and offline earnings. You need to promote some features to get as many fish. To get the most effective result, you should buy upgrades as soon as you have enough cash.

Firstly, you can use the cash to buy the upgrade for the amount of fish you catch. For example, you only catch 3 fish at the first fishing. This number can be 4 times higher after upgrading the fishing rod.

Secondly, you can lengthen the fishing line to reach the maximum depth. You will have a chance to access more expensive fish in the deeper sea.

Finally, increasing passive earning is possible. You can raise the amount of cash per minute in this Tiny Fishing game.

Adjust the force of throwing the fishing line into the water

You can get more valuable fish when you drop this line down stronger. How to adjust the force? On the play button, you can see the min and max words. The force will weaken if the triangle points to the min word. Of course, the max word is a sign of a powerful throw. Only the deeper ocean has worthy creatures.

Change the hooks

You can get cash and coins when the fish are pulled out of the water. Cash and coins have a different roles. You can unlock a new hook if you have enough coins. For instance, you have to open the hook randomly with 500 coins. You can get the fishing line with two hooks that make your mission easier.

How to throw the fishing line

As I mentioned, you just need to swipe the mouse to catch the fish. Let's wriggle the hook to capture the most high-value creatures and rare things under the sea. Furthermore, this game can be played on mobile. You just need to swipe on the screen to fish. With one smart device, everyone can join this fun game at any time. One more thing, this Tiny Fishing unblocked at school. Students can have fun together.


What is the best fish you can get in Tiny Fishing?

The legendary fish are the most expensive marine creatures. You can distinguish them easily because they are colored gold.

Is Tiny Fishing a mobile game?

Not really. You can play it on mobile or desktop without installing it.

Is Tiny Fishing on iOS?

Yes, of course. Just click on the game and start the fun directly on our website.