A Difficult Game About Climbing

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Conquer high rocks in this game

A Difficult Game About Climbing requires you to have skillful hands to climb high. You will help the man cross the ocean by climbing high rocky peaks.

The character in this game moves very smoothly and he only uses his hands to climb. An unlucky man fell down a cliff. Below the cliff is a big river and he needs to escape from this river. He couldn't find the bank of the river so he could only climb the rocks higher up. You need to control your character to move to the end of the point to complete the mission. You may also like other puzzle games like Cut The Rope.

How to climb up in A Difficult Game About Climbing

To climb high, you need some tips and control skills. You may find it difficult the first few times you play the game. However, your skills will increase the more you practice.

Coordinate both hands

The main character can use both hands to climb cliffs. You need to smoothly coordinate the movements of both hands to complete the task. You should always make sure to have one hand holding on to the cliffs to avoid falling into the water. The other hand will move up and push the whole body up. You need to click left or right to stick your left or right hand onto the cliff. Additionally, you also need to swipe the mouse for two-handed navigation.

Choose the position

Not every spot on the cliff can be touched. The places covered with green moss are very slippery so the character cannot stick to them. Look out for small rocks that aren't covered in moss. You need to take advantage of them to climb high. You may have to start over from the first position if your character falls.