Fisherman Life

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Immerse yourself in fisherman life

Fisherman Life will turn you into a talented fisherman. You need to hunt as many fish as possible, then sell them to get coins. These coins can help you a lot.

You will own a small boat and a fishing rod in this fishing game. You will sail your boat to the sea to find the huge school of fish. Let's catch all these fish, then you can change them into coins in the market of the port. When you get a lot of coins, you can develop your own land with a big area.

Two targets in Fisherman Life

In this fun game, you have to complete two missions. You have to fish and build your own land. Two tasks relate together. The coins from catching fish will be used to grow the island.

Fishing and selling fish

Now, it's time to travel to the sea. Let's sail your boat around and search for a school of fish. When you see them, sail close to them. You can catch the fish in your area to your boat. If your boat is full of fish, you need to come back to the port to sell them.

Develop your land

Fisherman Life will provide you an island. You are the founder of the island which considers fishing as the main economy. To build this land, you need to purchase new pieces of land first. From that, the village and economy can be expanded. The more coins you have, the easier it is to develop your island.

How to get a lot of fish in Fisherman Life

When your island is bigger and bigger, you also need to spend more coins. That is the reason why you need to catch more fish. To meet the demand, you have to buy some upgrades.

Boat upgrade

You can use your coins to level up your fishing power, cargo capacity, fishing area, and boat speed. These stats can help your fishing trips be more effective.

Pier upgrades

In this part, you can power up the fish stack and fisherman. Each fisherman will catch a certain fish in the sea. So, you can strengthen the amount of fish they can catch. One more thing, when your island grows up, another fisherman will accompany you. So, your fishing area will be bigger.

The attractive features of Fisherman Life

  • The game was created with 3D graphics and stick men characters. However, the details of it won't be too realistic as in Ice Fishing. Nonetheless, it is suitable for all groups of ages, even children.
  • The addictive gameplay can attract you for a long time. You will perform two actions: fishing and island building in turn. So, you will not be bored while playing this game. We also recommend Tiny Fishing to you because this game has really impressive graphics. You are still fishing, but you don't build an island in this game.