Suika Game

54 votes 4.2/5

Experience an exciting puzzle game

Suika Game is a simple matching game but it makes many gamers give up. You need to create new fruits by combining the same fruits. Good luck!

Fruit is the main theme in this game. The trees are drawn in a fun cartoon style. Therefore, this game is suitable for children. The player's task is to discover many new fruits. This game offers fruits such as watermelon, strawberries, oranges, grapes, etc. This game is endless as long as your fruit doesn't reach the top line.

How to create new fruits in the Suika Game

Creating a new fruit is not too difficult. You just need to combine two similar fruits together to form a new fruit. Let's learn about the gameplay of this game!

Merge two identical fruits together

You will have a container containing different fruits. You will drop the provided fruits into the container on the screen. When similar fruits touch each other, they will automatically combine to form a new fruit. So, you need to drop the provided fruits into reasonable positions. Fruits can roll and move thanks to force. So, you can take advantage of this to push similar fruits together.

The fruit cycle

The new fruits will be larger in size than the previous fruits. This game has a fruit cycle that you need to understand. You can see this cycle right on the screen. Once you understand this association law, you can come up with strategies that suit the situation. The largest fruit is watermelon and the smallest fruit is cherry. When two watermelons combine, they turn back into cherries. This is the cycle in this game. Besides this game, you may like Crowd Run 3D.