Cookie Clicker

41 votes 4/5

Create as many cookies as possible

Cookie Clicker is an extremely fun idle game. You just need to click to create lots of cookies. Buying a few more buildings and cursors is necessary.

This game has idle gameplay similar to Cookie Clicker City. You can even quickly earn more cookies with your fast clicking speed. Once you have a lot of cookies, you can use them to buy automatic tools. From there, your work will be easier.

Buy upgrades

Some buildings such as factories, farms, and mines can create cookies automatically. However, their prices are quite expensive. In addition, you can also hire grandma to make cakes. Don't forget to buy additional automatic pointers. All tools are more expensive than your previous purchase. Don't worry as you can create hundreds of thousands of cakes with these automatic tools.

Game control

Click the left mouse button on the huge cookie to create 1 cookie. Use the mouse to buy the upgrades, building, and hire grandmas.

The game for busy players

You just have a little time off and you want to find an idle game. This clicker game is a great choice. You just need to play at the beginning, then you can even do other things while you're playing the game. You just need to open this game and let the automatic tools do their work. Additionally, the game will automatically save your progress. So, you can continue the game next time. What are you waiting for? This game is available for everyone. Children also can experience this game at their school.