Football Legends

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Kick the ball into the goal in Football Legends. You can play this game with your friend. Let's coordinate with your friends to become legends.

Score many points in Football Legends

Two goals are very near together, so your opponents can easily kick the ball into the goal. You need to block their shot and cleverly hit the ball into the net. Each football player will have a unique ability. To get more points, let's utilize these abilities. Each match lasts 90 seconds, so you need to take a chance to get more scores than your opponents.

Choose Football Legends modes

There are three main modes which are a 1-player, 2-player, and quick match. You will be sent into a random match with an unknown opponent and characters. You play the match single in 1-player mode while you can set up a team of two members with your friend in 2-player mode. Each mode has two stages: tournament and friendly.


You have to beat many rounds to move to the final round. If you get a victory in the final round, you will be a championship.


This is a friendly match where you only exchange skills or improver your ability.

Game control

Player 1

Arrow keys to move

Z for supershot

Z for shot

Player 2

WASD keys to move

K for supershot

L for a shot.