Geometry Dash Breeze

14 votes 4.1/5

Walkthrough the game

Geometry Dash Breeze has three levels to experience. You reach the destination to be able to complete these levels. No one can deny the charm of this game.

The journey of an icon never stops. You will continue its journey of Geometry Dash SubZero through this game. New backgrounds and attractive gameplay will make you addicted to this game. Although this game only has 3 levels, its difficulty is still appreciated. Vibrant sounds associated with character movements. You don't even have too much time to think or plan to jump over the obstacles.

Geometry Dash Breeze gameplay

An icon running on a road full of deadly barriers. You can just pass them without touching them. Otherwise, the game will end immediately.

Collect coins

Gold coins will appear in each level. However, there are not many coins. You just need to take 3 coins which are always located in the hidden position. This task is quite difficult and it is suitable for more professional players. However, if you are a beginner, you can also challenge yourself with this task.

Game control

Click the left mouse button to navigate the character. All the levels have the same control, and it's easy for all players of all ages. Be aware of some springs and portals which can cause some changes for your geometry.