Draw Game

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If you like drawing, you can't skip Draw Game. You will draw and guess pictures. This is a multiplayer game for everyone and children also can play it.

The rules succeed in Draw Game online

  • At the top of the playing screen are short lines. This allows the player to know how many letters they need to guess in the word. From there, they can eliminate the incorrect words and get the correct answer.
  • For each round, there is a timer. If the player does not guess the word within the allotted time, they will not gain any points. You can follow your score and opponents' points under their nicknames. The rank also appears on nickname boards. Therefore, don't forget to enter your user name before you enter a match
  • Besides drawing pictures, you can draw words and letters. If you draw the answer, the other players can copy it without thinking. Therefore, don't do that. Let's make the game more interesting without treating it.
  • When the other drawing pictures, you can like or dislike that picture. You just need to press on the like and dislike icons on the screen.
  • Some suggested letters will appear, so you can utilize them and the picture to have the correct answers. Good luck to you!
  • Don't forget to color the picture to make it easier to guess. However, you need to do it fastly.

Create your own room in Draw Game

As you know, you can join online rooms to play and fight with many people worldwide. Besides, you can also create your room in this Draw Game. When creating a room you can customize the functions

  • Players: you can customize from 2 to 20 people in your room.
  • Language: you can choose languages like English, German, Korean, Japanese, etc. So you can play this famous game in your native language.
  • Draw time: you can customize the time to draw from 15 seconds to 240 seconds.
  • Rounds: if you want to play more than 3 rounds, you can also customize this function.
  • Word Mode: If you find Normal mode too simple for you, you can choose Hidden or Combination modes.
  • Word Count: You have five options from 1 to 5.
  • Hints: You can select to give hints from 1 letter to 5 letters. Or you can make the game more difficult without hints.

How to share your room in this game

As I mentioned, you can create your room in Draw Game. You can share your room by copying the link at the end of the screen. Then, you can send it to your friends. Let's challenge your friends to know who has the highest score. You and your friends can have fun together.

How to draw and guess in Draw Game

When you draw a picture, you just need to swipe the mouse to draw. If you want to guess the words, you type the answer on the box chat. Random strangers chat feature has also been added, where you can easily chat with other players. However, the correct answer will be hidden. Therefore, you don't need to worry. The other players can see your correct answer.

More information about Draw Game

  • This game was developed by Ticedev.
  • You can play Draw Game directly on the web browser without installing it. Moreover, it is playable on mobile devices or desktops.
  • Draw Game was released on February 2017.
  • Children also can play this game to relax. In addition, they can enhance their skills.
  • When you end all rounds, you can stay in a room to start a new match.
  • You can select one of a dozen new avatars. They are very adorable. Choose your favorite avatar and start the game now!
  • Join other online rooms or create your room. It's up to you. Are you confident to get the victory and defeat many pro players in the world? Good luck and have fun!