Parkour Block 3D

45 votes 3.4/5

You must reach your destination to conquer Parkour Block 3D. Playing this game in the first view will bring the most realistic experience for you.

Play Parkour Block 3D unblocked

This game is inspired by Minecraft graphics which offer many unique characters. However, in this game, you only see the background without character because you enjoy the first view. With simple details, Parkour Block 3D unblocked is for all children at the school.

Jump to Parkour Block 3D portal

There is no safe road because you must jump from one block to another block. These blocks are floating in the air. If you fall down, the lava will drown your character. Therefore, you must be careful in each jump. You just need to go through the purple portal to pass a level. There are 35 levels to show off your skills. Of course, when you play these levels, your skills also are honed. Although this game doesn't have a limited timer, the finish time directly affects the number of stars. For example, you can get three stars when you complete a level for a short time. Now, let's show that you are a talented parkour player. Besides this game, Run Kaiju Run is suggested for you. All the best!