Cubes 2048.io

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Defeat Cubes 2048.io players! This is a number battle where you don't use weapons or body to fight. Just move and collect to get as high numbers as you can.

Play Cubes 2048.io online

In my opinion, this is one of the most fun multiplayer games in the world. This game allows you to fight with many players worldwide. In this game, you will do two main actions which are to collect blocks and attack opponents.

Collect blocks

You are the original block and there are many different blocks on the ground. Your block will contain a number and you can collect the blocks with lower or the same numbers as your number. When these blocks become your tail, they will immerse the same numbers together. From that, the numbers of the original block will increase gradually.

Beat opponents

You only attack the opponents who have a lower number on their original blocks than yours. You must boost your speed to escape from opponents who have a higher number than yours.

Cubes 2048.io world record

Gaining the Cubes 2048.io world record is very hard because there are many pro players who will join the battles. You have to show who you are and get first place as a leader of the match. You can use the boost pads to slide more quickly. Some double pads can double your numbers and the split squares will reduce your number. Let's have fun with numbers now!