Narrow One

24 votes 3.7/5

Raise your bow and shoot at enemies in Narrow One. Be careful of the opponents around you. With multiple game modes, this game will make you love it.

The current shooting games are all about using guns or cannons to attack the enemy. However, Narrow One has brought us back to the battles of ancient warriors with a bow and arrow as a weapon. Although the bow doesn't have as much damage as a gun, it is still very useful in combat. In addition, warriors need to have very good aiming skills to use bows and arrows. If you don't like shooting games, you can try an arcade game called Tiny Fishing.

Win every match of Narrow One

You will be sent to an arena where you will use bows and arrows to fight. You will not be alone in this game. You will form a team of 5 members. Try to get your team's flag. When you collect enough flags, you win that match.

Shoot the enemy

The enemy team will definitely prevent your team from succeeding. Of course, your team also won't let the enemy team collect all their flags. So the wars took place. As soon as you meet an opponent, draw your arrow and shoot at them. When a character is shot to death, he will have to return to base. Then he will continue the match. However, he will lose time and opportunity to get close to the flags.

Collect the flags

This game requires each team to get 3 flags. You can also steal the enemy team's flag so they can't collect all 3 flags. However, this is a very dangerous move. Therefore, you need a clear strategy and cooperation with other members. Press the T key to chat with team members.

Selections in Narrow One

To bring the best experience to players in Narrow One. This game has a wide selection of costumes, squads and maps for players. Now let's also see what we have here.


You can change the appearance of your characters. They include Scout, Assault, Sharpshooter, Runner, Support and Defender. You can change their clothes, shoes, gloves, weapons and even hairstyle. Some of them need coins while a few need to watch ads to open.


You can create a private room, then invite your friends to join this game. You may have to become enemies of each other. Remember to send the invite code to your friend. In addition, you can also join someone's room if you enter their room code.


There are many maps for you to participate in. All of them are available and do not need to be unlocked. You can join castles, forts, alleys, fields, ruins, arenas and so on. Each map is a different context. However, they all have one thing in common: they all have a historical feel, what are you waiting for? Let's enjoy the battle.