Battleship Online

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The battle of warships

Battleship Online is a shooting game where you will have the opportunity to control warships. You need to destroy your opponent's warship to win.

This game is set at sea. However, this game was not created with a 3D setting and of course, you will not play this game in first person. You need to use smart strategies to find your opponent's warships that are diving underwater. Of course, opponents will also attack your warship. The winner will be the one who destroys all of the opponent's warships first.

How to win in Battleship Online

The warships will be underwater so you can't see them. You can just determine a random position and fire. After that, you will know whether that location has a warship or not. You will continue to shoot until you find the location of the enemy warship. The game is divided into two modes: classic mode and advantage mode.

Classic mode

This mode will be more difficult than the other modes. Your mission is still to destroy all of your opponent's warships. In this mode, you have no help so you can only rely on judgment and luck. Try to calculate the length of the ships and shoot them accurately.

Advanced mode

You will be helped by a plane that will drop missiles into the water. Each plane can fire many missiles at once. This helps you quickly determine the location of your opponent's warships. However, you have to pay 100 points for each plane. Good luck!