Happy Wheel

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Play Happy Wheel online

You will ride on a bike in the Happy Wheel game designed with many obstacles along the road. You can see the crazy road and your character can be destroyed.

You can enjoy this challenging game on any smart device like a mobile phone or computer. You will steer your character in a way that makes you angry. The terrain of the road isn't smooth which may be created by different platforms and objects.

Enjoy the different features of Happy Wheel

Besides the original map, players can enjoy other maps from fans. You can interact with the original character or try new characters in this game. You can try one of these maps: Obstacles Course, Gut Bus Extreme, BMX Park II, Snowy Mountain, Dawn of the Dead level 1, and so on. The later maps will be very difficult. If you are a beginner, you should try the first maps.

How to play the Happy Wheel game

You will move the character through many dangerous obstacles. Just move forward to reach the finish line. Although the leg or arm of the character is broken, you can't stop. This game has violent pictures, so it's suitable for children. They should play some fun games like Lucky Fisherman or Crowded City.io.