Super Mario Rush

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About Super Mario Rush

Mario is getting into some trouble in Super Mario Rush. You have to help him escape from a huge fire behind him. Run and collect coins along the way!

Mario's house burns and the fire is chasing him. He needs your help to run away from the deadly fire. On the escape road, there are many other challenges. However, he just needs to jump over them. You are a person who can decide when he should make a jump.

How to save the Mario in Super Mario Rush

Your character will run without control, but you still help him to get over obstacles. For example, when he comes close to the blade, clicks the left mouse button to jump over it. The gaps and water also can kill your character. If you have to face a chain of obstacles or a big gap, you can jump higher by double-clicking the mouse. Remember to jump at the right time! Otherwise, Mario can be put in danger. Collecting many coins to change character is possible.

Some outstanding features of Super Mario Rush

  • This game has no level, so you can judge your results by the distance you can travel. Try your best to run as far as possible in this endless game.
  • Don't forget to collect coins on the way because you can customize Mario with these coins. Your coins still are kept although you lose the game.
  • The game uses 3D graphics instead of retro graphics which can bring a new thing to this genre.

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