Liquid Sort

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Test your logical thinking in Liquid Sort

How do you solve problems with the liquid in Liquid Sort? Your mission is to pour the same liquid together in a glass. Many levels are waiting for you.

The liquid is mixed in various glasses and you need to categorize them. Of course, you need to use your logical thinking to handle the issue. The liquid will be arranged into separate sections in a test tube. Therefore, you just need to move them from one test tube to another. You can level up when the same liquid is together in the tubes.

How to complete levels in Liquid Sort

In this game, pouring the liquid together is your task. You can easily pass the first levels., but it's really challenging at the next levels. The reason is that more liquid is added to the later levels. Now, let's find out how to get the victory at each level!

Pour the liquid into the suitable tube on time

This game is more difficult than Fisherman Life because it limits time. It means you have to finish your mission by a certain time. You can see a bar on the bottom of the screen that shows how much time you have. Completing the task before time's up is required. Otherwise, you must restart the game.

Choose the tube before entering the fame

Liquid Sort offers a lot of different tubes for players. They have a diversity of shapes that can meet gamers' demands. Before playing each level, you have an opportunity to select your favorite tube. However, I think that the long tubes are easier to use.

How to pour the liquid

Just click the left mouse button to move the liquid. Each time, you only can pour a certain amount of liquid. Therefore, you should consider if you want to pour any liquid.