Galactic Flight

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Turn into a superwoman in Galactic Flight

Galactic Flight is inspired by the Captain Marvel series. You join in a dangerous war and alone have to fight an army that has thousands of enemies.

An alien army wants to destroy the earth and they are incoming to our planet. You are a superwoman and you have to destroy them in the galaxy. Don't let them access the Earth and make a galactic light. Your enemies will own the innovative technology which can produce thousands of hazardous robots. Don't be scared! Your character also owns a special power. Let's discover it!

How to play Galactic Flight

In this game, your final target is to kill all enemies around you. The enemies are too crowded, so you need to know the rules of this game first.

Destroy any foes

When you play the Galactic Flight, you will find it has the same feature as Stick Defenders. You must beat all opponents in both games before they can access you. However, the game is more challenging in Galactic Flight because the killer robot moves quickly and unpredictably. Your superhero will shoot power from her hand automatically. You just need to move her to aim the robots. By the way, you have to shoot all enemies to level up.

Complete given mission

At each level, you can see your missions first. The tasks may be to absorb energy once, score 5000 points, and rescue 1 escape pod. If you finish all these tasks, you can get three stars.

How to shoot

Use the arrow keys to move the character and shoot in Galactic Flight. Some enemies can shoot you back, so moving cleverly is a great choice. Moreover, the items along the way are very useful for your fight. After mastering this game, you can put your skill to the test in Electron Dash.