Shark Attack

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Launch a great white shark attack

You will turn into a shark in the Shark Attack game. With a hungry tummy, the shark consumes everything in the sea. However, there is something you can't eat.

Eat anything you want

Marine life always has a lot of danger. In Fish Eat Fish, you have to avoid the big creature to keep yourself safe. However, the rule will change in Shark Attack. You will be the king of the ocean, which is a huge shark. It's time for dinner and you will eat everything that moves. They can be birds, fish, or even humans. Moreover, destroying all human ships and making them sink is required because they will attack you.

Guide to dominate the sea in Shark Attack

Although you are the most powerful creature under the water, you take care of some things. Now, I will introduce how to attack others and what things you should avoid.

Moving to attack

You see a big fish that is your delicious meal. Let's swim through it to consume it. Remember to swipe the mouse to do that. Some creatures or humans can run away from you. At that time, you are able to boost your speed by clicking the left mouse button.

Avoid the danger in Shark Attack

The sea also has many potential dangers such as bombs, nets, and jellyfish. If you collide with bombs, your blood-bar will be reduced. The nets and jellyfish will disable your shark for some seconds. Therefore, avoiding them is a great choice. One more thing, the shark can't hold its breath for a long time. Thus, you need to take the air in the bubbles or move to the surface of the ocean. If your HP and hunger points run out, you must replay this game.