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Agaist zombies in Stupid-zombies

There are many zombies in the game Stupid-zombies. You are a hunter who will find and kill them. Just aim accurately and shoot all zombies with one shot.

You may see many dangerous zombies that can attack you anytime in the normal zombie game. However, in Stupid-zombies, these creatures are very silly. They can't move or attack you. You think that this game is very easy. In fact, the zombies will hide behind the objects instead of moving. You have to utilize all objects around them to destroy them. If you want to play more shooting games, you can play Aviary Action.

How to pass the levels

Stupid-zombies offers 4 stages which include hundreds of levels. Each stage is set in a different background. Of course, the levels will be more and more difficult.

Knock out all zombies

To advance the level, you must destroy all zombies in a level. Each level, many levels can be more than the bullets you have. One more thing, you can get some stars after each level. The fewer bullets you shoot, the more stars you collect.

Tips and tricks to clear all zombies

  • Although the zombie can't run or bite your character, shooting them correctly is very difficult. Sometimes, you can fire the ammo directly at them. You will shoot into the trap to activate it and then it can clear the zombie around.
  • This game can run on a mobile device or desktop. Therefore, you can enjoy this game any time you want. There are other games such as Elasticman or Toon Cup 2021 with the same feature.
  • You can swipe the target to aim the zombies. From that, you can fire correctly where you want to shoot.