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Relax by pulling in the Elasticman game

Elasticman is one of the easiest games in the world because there are no obstacles or traps. You just need to pull the skin of a face on the screen.

This game is designed with no rules. You won't face dangers or have to complete any mission. Of course, Elasticman isn't an educational game, either. This idle game was created with only one purpose: to bring players fun. With this easy-playing control, children also can enjoy this game. Don't wait for any more! Let's enjoy this fun game to have much fun!

The operation of the face in Elasticman

You can see a strange face which has big eyes and a big mouth. That is the face of an elastic man who can be elastic. You can use the mouse to pull his face which will immediately stretch and even deform. However, the magical thing will happen as soon as you release the mouse. The skin and the face will turn back to their original form. Each movement of this game is very realistic, so each player can relax with this game. To reduce your stress, you can pull your face with a strong force. Let's see how many forms this game can change.

Customize the Elastic face

In this game, there are two quality options for players. They are medium and high quality. If your device is weak, so you choose medium quality. Nonetheless, this game is too simple for you and you want to play a more challenging game. Burger Restaurant Express is for you.