Aviary Action

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Start new adventures

In Cuphead's journey, there will be an aerial challenge where our main character must defeat a boss with terrible strength. Come and fight in Aviary Action.

Our character Cuphead defeated the enemy last season. He will have a new fight with a new character that is Wally Warbles. It is the bird boss that appears at the plane level this time. Wally is a blue-haired, red-headed bird. It has durable armor that is a cuckoo clock. This armor covers most of the body, except for the legs, wings, and head. Therefore, you need to spend a lot of time and ammunition to destroy this boss.

Three stages in Aviary Action

To win this game, you have to go through three main stages. In the first stage, you'll fight fully equipped Wally Warbles and shoot dangerous projectiles. This boss will shoot out a lot of its feathers. The second stage will be more difficult with many dangerous eggs around you. Once you have defeated the villain in the above two stages, you will proceed to the 3rd stage. Here you will fight the wounded Wally Warbles. Even though it was injured, its damage was still great. Therefore, you need to be very careful. Now, we will learn more about these stages. In case you love the endless game, you can play Slope Run.

First stage

As soon as you enter the game, a giant cuckoo clock will appear right on the screen. It is the villain that you need to defeat in this version. During this phase, you will face two basic attacks of Willy Warbles. First, it will shoot a large egg aimed at you. However, these eggs only move in a straight line. After that, the egg will be broken into small pieces and shot back toward the character. In addition, this watch will also fire 3 bullets in 3 different directions. Before firing the bullet you can see a glove with 3 fingers indicating the direction of the bullet. Once the villain bird has taken enough damage, it will convert its attack to shooting feathers. These feathers appear everywhere. You need to control the plane to swerve to avoid them.

Second stage

Aviary Action has stage two which is much more difficult than stage one. You will fight Wally's son Willy. Willy will have a much smaller body than his father. In addition, it moves very quickly and is flexible. This makes it more difficult to hit the target. What's more, the spiked eggs will stop your bullets. However, you can also take advantage of the times when these eggs are facing outwards. Accelerate and attack Willy before the egg goes in. When Willy is hit with enough damage, the spiked eggs will crack and break.

Third stage

When Willy was seriously injured, he called for help and his father appeared. Oh, look at the ferocious Cuphead bird boss now looking so pitiful. No more beautiful green fur and no armor protection. However, do not underestimate its fighting power. Although he has to lie on a stretcher, he can still cough up garbage that damages your character. Furthermore, he has two teammates with him who can cough up pills. When these pills hit your character, they will cause damage. Therefore, you must be very clever to avoid them. No one wants to have reached the final stage and end the game without conquering the 3rd stage. His teammates look so happy when you defeat the bird boss in Aviary Action. If you want to witness that scene, don't hesitate to enjoy this game now. When you can complete all stages, you can try Fish Love. That game will challenge your brain.

How to control

  • Use the Z key to parry
  • Press the X key to shoot enemies
  • Press the C key to shrink
  • Press the V for the EX move
  • Press the Q keys to switch weapons.
  • You can select to use WASD or arrow keys to drive the airplane.