Toon Cup 2021

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Join the football matches of famous characters

Toon Cup 2021 is a chance for you to meet many cartoon characters. They are holding some football matches. Choose your favorite characters and help them win.

Now, you can enjoy Toon Cup 2021 online on your device. This game provides various tournaments for you to compete with the opposite team. Let's show off your football skills through this fun game. There are only 3 characters instead of 11 members in each team. You can control any character in your team who keeps the ball. Let's finish the match with a higher score than the opponents!

The principles of the field

This game has the main rules as in real football, but it isn't as complicated as the football in our life. Your final target is to shoot the ball into the opponent's net. One shot for one point. The time of each match is 90 seconds. The winner is the team that gets more points than another team before running out of time. In case you understand the rules of Toon Cup 2021, you can play the tutorial match.

Guide to playing Toon Cup 2021 with a keyboard

You can use the arrow keys to move the character and lead the ball at the same time. Then, press the spacebar to shoot the ball when you come close to the opponent's goal. One more thing, you need to estimate the shooting force. Moreover, pressing the spacebar to pass the ball to other members or tackle the ball from foes.

Explore more about Toon Cup 2021 game modes

  • This game has two modes for players. They are Toon Leagues and Tournament. You will create a team from your favorite character and play against Super Squads in Toon Leagues. Each League will own an awesome trophy.
  • In Tournament mode, you have to win the group matches. Then, you enter the final match which decides the final winner.