Soccer Physics

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Play Soccer Physics online

This Soccer Physics game is designed with retro graphics and easy gameplay. You have only target is to kick the ball into your opponent's goal.

Each team in this game will contain two members instead of 11 football players as in real life. You will control both two members at the same time. Don't worry because the control isn't complex. You just need to press the button to control it. Although this is an online football game, you sometimes use basketball, baseball, and so on to kick. There is no umpire or timers, so you are free to kick the ball. By the way, you must score 5 points before your opponents.

Kick the ball into the net

Soccer Physics keeps the most basic rule of the king of sport which is shooting the ball to get a point. By pressing the W or up arrow, your characters will move. There is a little difficulty because your characters won't move as you want. Therefore, you must be very clever.

Two modes in Soccer Physics

You can play alone in the 1-player mode and your opponent is the CPU in this mode. Be careful when the CPU is very skillful. Besides, you can battle your friend in this game. You and your friend are opponents together.

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