Basketball Stars

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Prepare for the basketball matches

You have a chance to play basketball online in the Basketball Stars game. Try your best to score as many points as possible before time's up in this game.

You don't need basketball or a playfield because you can sit on a chair to enjoy the thrilling basketball matches in this game. With various modes, you can enjoy the game from different perspectives. If you like this game, don't forget to share it with your friends. Besides, I also share a really fun game with you. That is Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense and you will protect your kingdom from the chicken army in that game.

How to win the matches in Basketball Stars

If you have ever played basketball, you may be familiar with the game rules. Don't worry, newbies because I will guide you now!

Move the character

You can press the left and right arrow keys to move forward and backward. To jump, you can press the up arrow key. Your character needs to move around the playground to steal the ball from the opponent and access the opponent's basket. As soon as your character comes close to the basket, let's shoot the ball.

Shoot the ball correctly

No one can be sure to hit the ball into the ring with absolute odds. However, you can decrease the miss rate when you shoot the ball. Try to choose a suitable position to throw the ball. You can get certain points after each successful throw. You only have 2 minutes for each match, so you need to get scores as quickly as possible. Whoever gets the most points will be the winner.

Learn about the modes of Basketball Stars

There are three modes in this game which can strengthen your fun. Each mode will have a unique feature. Now, we will explore them!

1 player mode

This mode is for only one player. In this mode, you will encounter three other mini-modes including tournament, random match and training. You can choose your favorite team and customize the difficult level (normal and hard) tournament mini-mode. If you want to get used to the game operation, you practice in training mini-mode.

2 player mode

You can invite other players (friends, family members and so on) to play this game on one device. You can select against your friend together or join a team to battle together. You have another choice is to team up with your friends and play against the AI team.

Quick match

You won't select a character or choose a team because your opponent is random. You just score more points than your opponent in 2 minutes. Don't wait anymore! Come and try this game now!