Run Run Duck

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Find out a gold egg

You need to get the golden egg to complete a level in Run Run Duck. Be careful of many pits and monsters along the road. Now, let's come and enjoy this game.

A yellow duck is on an adventure of getting the gold egg. The egg is always at the end of the road. Only reaching the end can help you pass a level. You must keep the duck safe in this adventure. Hope you will have a lot of fun.

The gameplay of Run Run Duck

You can click the left mouse button to jump over the obstacles and pits along the way. Moreover, you may encounter many slimes on the road. If you touch them, your character will lose one life. There is a total of 3 lives. You can choose to dodge the slime or jump on their head to defeat them. However, you should note that the black slimes are very solid and you can't destroy them. Don't forget to break the bricks which contain many surprises for you. You even can get some modified drugs that can change your character into some superhero. Time is passing, so be quick. You can follow the time on the right top of the screen.

How to control the duck

You can press the left and right arrows to move the character left or right. Press the up arrow to jump over.