Big Chicken

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Destroy carrots in Big Chicken

In the Big Chicken game, the carrots can explosive. To keep safe, the chicken must clear them. Just jump next to these carrots to kill them.

Have you ever thought that fresh carrots are very dangerous? It's true in this game. The carrots will explosive as soon as they grow up. Your chicken will trample them before they can destroy an area. Your playground is only a square yark. Don't fall into the sky. The retro style reminds you of the Run Run Duck game.

Jump to destroy

You will see a big chicken on the screen and your mission is to control it. Move your character come close to the carrot. Then, be quick to press the space bar to trample the carrot before it can turn red. Each time your chicken jump, it also breaks some blocks on the floor. Remember to avoid these spaces! After you end the game, you can see a leaderboard. In this board, you can pefer the top players who get the highest score in the world. Your chicken only has three lives, so try to score many points before they run out.