Lay Eggs

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Lay Eggs can bring much fun to players thanks to its attractive gameplay. Help the hero over many stairs by laying eggs. That may be a strange method.

Your hero is a chicken in this game. Of course, chickens can lay eggs. You will utilize this fact to help it pass over the stairs. The chicken always moves forward. Therefore, you will click the left mouse button on it to make it higher. The eggs play a foundation role that helps the chicken reach the sky. You can play this fun game on any weak device because you don't need much data or high-quality graphics to play this game.

How to complete the levels in Lay Eggs

Many different levels are waiting for you to conquer. Some players only finish the first levels and they give up in the hard levels. How about you? How many levels can you overcome?

Lays many eggs

Your hero must be on the higher position of the stairs. Therefore, you must click the mouse to lay as many eggs as possible. However, you have to solve the traps in the sky at high levels. Thus, a suitable height is recommended in the hard levels.

Get coins and change the hero

After finishing a level, you can get some coins. When you have enough coins, you can buy some new heroes in the shop. You can't choose your favorite character because they are unlocked randomly. However, the Lay Eggs game owns all the fun characters.

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