Amazing Jewels

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Walk through the Amazing Jewels game

Amazing Jewels is increasingly popular in the world. This game has classic gameplay and the graphics are very colorful. Let's come and collect the jewels.

The game's environment is under the deep sea where you can find many treasures including jewels. To collect them, you need to combine more than 3 same-color jewels. Moreover, each level with a certain mission won't let you down. This classic game is a great time killer. Children are allowed access to this game because of its eye-catching pictures. Their logical thinking can be enhanced through this game.

The principles in Amazing Jewels

This game is more comfortable than Candy Crush because it doesn't limit the movements. If you must complete the task in some steps in Candy Crush, you have infinite movements in Amazing Jewels.

How to collect jewels

You can move the same jewels together to get them. However, one jewel only can be swapped with the ones next to it. A special jewel will appear if you arrange 4 or more 4 jewels in a straight row. It can destroy others in an area. Sometimes, you can combine two special jewels to make a big explosion.

Follow the stats on the screen

You can see useful information when playing this game. The required jewels and your scores will appear on the left of the screen. Moreover, you also need to use hints if you get stuck.

Complete the levels in Amazing Jewels

You must reach a high score and collect enough given jewels to level up. The high demands of levels will be more challenging to meet. How many levels can you complete?