SoniK Run

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Introduce SoniK Run

SoniK Run is inspired by a famous cartoon character named Sonic. With his crazy speed, you will have memorable adventures in this running game.

Help SoniK

You will help your character jump over deadly obstacles. He can move very quickly, so avoiding many traps is hard. There is no level because the game is endless. Therefore, you must run for a long distance to prove your skills and get a high score. With cute characters, parents should allow their children to try this game.

Enjoy beautiful scenery

SoniK Run is created with very eye-catching graphics. You can see many flowers, green grass, and a blue sky. Don't focus too much on viewing the landscape and forget your mission. Flappy Bird also has the same background but it is retro style.

How to play SoniK Run

Dodge any danger

In this game, the key to success is to dodge any obstacles or enemies. As soon as you hit them, the run is over. The spikes are very sharp and they are very hard to see. You should always pay attention to the land because these spikes are very dangerous. Don't fall into the water because Sonik can't swim.

Collect rings and diamonds

A lot of rings and diamonds are designed on the road. It isn't necessary to collect all of them. You just need to get as many rings and diamonds as possible. If you try to grab all of them, your character can be in danger.

Game control

You just need to click the left mouse button to jump over. For the long distance, you can hold the button to jump higher and further. Sometimes, jumping too far can cause death. That is the reason why you should jump properly.