Gold Miner Jack

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Become a miner in Gold Miner Jack

Collect all the valuable things underground in Gold Miner Jack. It's better to avoid rocks and bones because they are very cheap. It's time to relax!

In this game, you will become Jack who is mining. He has an incredible tool to collect many worthy metals such as gold or diamond. However, you need to hook the target correctly because there are many obstacles that will stand in your way. Sometimes, you will hook a rock or bone instead of gold. Don't worry because you still sell them at a low cost.

How to mine in Gold Miner Jack

You can see a hook that always moves from left to right and vice versa. As soon as the hook is straight on the target, let's click the left mouse to capture the object. You can see many worthy things usually are behind the rocks or bones. Sometimes, you need to reel the cheap objects first to access the valuable metals. You may encounter some mysterious bags which contain some surprises for you.

Use the supports items

In the shop, you can use your cash to buy some items such as bombs, power-ups, and so on. They will help your mine trip be more effective. For example, when you hook a big rock and you take much time to reel it in, let's throw a bomb to destroy it. Then, you can pull a new object.

Collect enough cash before time's up

You can see an hourglass and numbers which show how much time you left. There is a target money on the left top of the screen. If you can't get enough money for a certain time, you must restart the Gold Miner Jack game.

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