Trials Ride 2

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Ride a motorbike in Trials Ride 2

You will become a talented rider in Trials Ride 2. Control your motorbike through many obstacles and rough terrain! Don't fall on your head!

You will own a cool motorbike specialized for racing in this game. It's time to show off some stunts on the race. Moreover, the graphics are very realistic. From that, you will feel like you are driving a real racing motorbike. The background and the terrain also surprised you.

Your main targets in Trials Ride 2

In this game, you have to complete two main missions which are to level up and complete the achievements. Now, let's learn more about them

Advance the level

You must reach the destination to move to a new level. On the road, you have to cover the large tires, slopes from planks, many high boxes, and so on. Your motorbike can be overturned. Therefore, you need to keep it balanced by pressing the left and right arrows. Sometimes, you have to back down to get momentum through obstacles.

Finish the achievements

To increase the competitive factor, Trials Ride 2 offers achievements to players. Some of them are completing all levels, completing 10 levels, completing all levels with 3 stars, and so on. There are a total of 12 achievements for you to challenge. You can share this game with your friends. Let's see who will achieve more achievements.