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Introduction about Threes

Move the numbers to combine them together in the Threes games. Many players have to give up because of its difficulty. Can you conquer this challenging game?

Follow the principles

Threes game is based on the fundamental plus problems, but it's tough to add many numbers simultaneously. In this game, you need to plan each step and know all the situations after each movement. You will add two identical numbers together to create a new higher number. However, you only can add 1 to 2 or combine 2 with 1. This game will test your IQ. You also can challenge your friends with this game. Who will get more points?

The gameplay of Threes

You will push the blocks which contain the numbers on the wall. If you don't know the walls, you can visit the tutorial in this game. You can use the arrow keys or swipe the mouse to move the blocks. The blocks will move in the same direction and in one step. Your mission is to create many high numbers. Of course, that isn't too easy for newbies. However, you just need to be patient to gain experience. From that, you can get a high score in this puzzle game.

Some interesting features in Threes

  • This game offers a leaderboard where you can follow the most skillful players in the world. You also can put your name on top of it as long as you get the highest score.
  • Don't forget to customize the game music as you want. If you want to pay attention to the match, you can turn off the music and even sound effects.
  • This game has simple graphics which are suitable for children. There is no violent picture, so parents can allow their children to play it. Moreover, this is also a educational game which is a method for children to access the numbers.