Clean the Sea

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Guide to play Clean the Sea

Clean the Sea is an arcade game with adorable graphics. You need to use a fishing rod to catch the waste which is floating on the sea. Let's clean the sea now!

In this game, you will own a fishing rod that can't be used to fish as in Tiny Fishing. You will take the rubbish ashore. You can see tons of bottles, and life jackets that are thrown out. Now, let's use your fishing road to save the ocean.

Aim and shoot the fishing line

Your target is bottles, wood boxes, and life jackets. You need to aim the dotted line at them. Swipe the mouse to move the dotted line and then click to release the fishing line. The garbage is sometimes very far from you. Therefore, you need to look carefully and shoot the line accurately. You also can catch the bottles or wooden boxes which are near you.

Avoid marine creatures and submarine

Of course, there are many creatures and some submarines under the sea. That makes your cleaning process more difficult. If you hook a bird, seashell, or snail, you will lose one hook. Remember, you only have three hooks. Thus, let's be clever to avoid these things and creatures.

Suitable for all ages

Clean the Sea is designed for all players. Children can enjoy this game and then you can love cleaning the sea. Adults also can enjoy this fun game to relax their minds. Do you want to play a more challenging game? Why don't you join the adventure in Dynamons 4?