Supermarket Dash

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Work in a supermarket in Supermarket Dash

You are an employee in a big supermarket in Supermarket Dash. Many customers need your help. Your mission is to service your customers. Let's have fun!

The background of this game is a big supermarket that always has crowded people. You have to serve these customers by choosing the goods, classifying the food, cash, and so on. You have to encounter each person to help them. The work may be very hard, but it will bring much fun for you. You may spend hours playing this game. However, sometimes you should try new games such as Gold Miner or Aquar.io. They can lengthen your fun.

List some works you have to do in Supermarket Dash

There are many tasks waiting for you to complete, but you can take a rest when you are tired. As a supermarket manager, I will introduce the things that you need to do right below.

Select the goods for customers

There are so many types of items that buyers can't find them. So you'll have to help them find these items. You need to base on their description to choose the suitable things. For the vegetables and fruits, you must choose fresh and clean in Supermarket Dash.

Billing for customers

We offer barcode scanners for you to check the goods' prices. The total will show on the screen and you need to collect money from customers.

Classify the food in Supermarket

Each type of food will be wrapped in a separate bag. Your mission is to put them into the suitable bags. Each bag is printed with different types of food. Therefore, you can't miss any food. Are you ready to work for our supermarket? Let's enjoy Supermarket Dash!