Gold Miner

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Become a gold miner

Gold Miner is an entertaining game that is set in the underground. You can see many precious metals or diamonds. Your task is to collect them.

Underground metal mining is the main theme of Gold Miner. The game still has classic gameplay where you will use the line and crank to pull the gold out of the underground. You may experience the familiar gameplay in Tiny Fishing, but you won't hook fish in this game. This game provides a specialized vehicle instead of the rudimentary tools for you. However, the rules of this game don't change. Your mission is to get as much valuable metal as possible for a certain time. To complete a mission, you have to reach the target money. Are you ready to mine gold? Let's start the game now!

The objective of Gold Miner

You have to achieve a cash goal in every stage. On the screen, you can see a target number on the right top of the screen. You have to mine gold to meet that demand. Your current money will be shown on the left top of the screen. As soon as you reach enough cash, you can proceed to the level.

How to mine gold

You will own a special tool to help you see everything underground clearly. Each gold piece and rock will appear in your vision. Now, you just hook them to collect them.

Aim correctly

Many different metals such as gold, diamond, and some mysterious bags exist. You need to aim the hook at them. Your hook will move from side to side, so it's more challenging to aim accurately. As soon as the hook is in a straight line with a target, click the left mouse button to pull it up. Of course, some rocks and low-value things will stand in your way in the Gold Miner game. They can appear above the gold. So, you need to cleverly avoid them and hook the valuable thing.

Try to mine high-value things

The sizes of gold are numerous. The huge gold nuggets are more worthy than others. However, you should note time because your time is limited. You have to spend a lot of time reeling in a huge gold nugget in Gold Miner. Don't worry! At some level, you only need one big gold nugget to get the victory. One more thing, you can find a diamond which is more expensive than gold. The challenging thing is they are too small. In addition, they are always deeper underground. Besides them, many hidden bags are worth taking up.

Utilize the bombs

To support your mission, Gold Miner offers effective tools which are bombs. You can use it to destroy something under the ground. For example, you are pulling a rock and you don't want it. You can throw a bomb on that rock to destroy it. From that, you can choose a new target immediately. These are the secret weapons of many gold miners. Now, it's time to enjoy this fun game!