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Scribble - a war for territory

You will fight by yourself in Scribble which is a multiplayer game. Draw the line to mark your area's sovereignty! You can destroy the other players to be king.

In this game, there is a big white circle which is your playground. You will use a square to color it. However, the others also want to color this circle. The war broke out. You have to expand your area and fight with others at the same time. The simple control can remind you of Slope 3. All they are can be played by children.

Play Scribble in two ways

This game seems easy to play, but it requires a smart strategy. As soon as you don't focus on the opponent, they can attack you immediately. Therefore, to be a king, you must both attack and defend.

Defend from enemies

In Scribble, you have to create a closed area which is covered by lines. You can consider the lines as the protecting wall. If you don't finish this wall, the opponents can hit this uncompleted line. Of course, your area will be destroyed. So, you must look at a mini-map on the screen to know the other's location. It's better to draw small areas if you are among the big foes.

Attack the opponents

To knock out your foe, you need to hit his line which isn't connected with other lines. From that, you can defeat one player. You can see how many kills you get on the screen. The more area you occupy, the more points you get and the top in the leaderboard. We also offer another thrilling war in Snake Game for you. However, you need to fight for food instead of region.

How to control

You will swipe the mouse to control the square. Furthermore, you also click the left mouse button to change the square's color on the main menu.